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Agnes Krumin's Services

Choose from a Psychic Reading, Angel/Fairy Card Reading, Psychometry or a Personalized Art Piece. 

Agnes also offers a Free Initial Consultation.  For more information or to book a session, call Agnes at (416) 530-4008.

Women's Psychic Readings

When people approach me with their immediate question, needs and concerns, I receive guidance through clairsentience, clairvoyance and psychometry (images, feelings and impressions received by holding a personal object or looking at a photo).

Through prayer and connection with the holy spirit, I help people to reach their own realizations and inner knowing. Together through discussion we can share possible life choices and directions. My goal is to assist people to align with to their own spiritual path and to increase their faith and hope about the future. 

Cost: $115 for a sixty minute session. Agnes accepts cash or cheques.

Angel/Fairy Card Readings

When women approach me for a reading, I help them to define their wants and needs. I use the Angel or Fairy cards to answer their questions and gain insight. During this playful, interactive exchange, we see possible directions to follow.

Cost: $85

Personalized Angel Art Pieces

Everyone has at least one angel working with them. Through my intuitive gifts, I draw a picture of the client’s own personalized angel. I start by asking to connect with my angels and theirs. I then ask to see what colours the client needs for their health and well being. Those colours are then incorporated into my artistic representation of their angel. 

My primary goal in creating a custom art piece is facilitate their healing. The angel comes with a short description or message. When the client displays the picture or carries it with them it helps them to connect with and receive guidance from their angels. Clients are asked to call me at (416 ) 530- 4008 and pay in advance by meeting me initially in person or mail their photo.

Cost: $115


Using psychometry, I would hold a piece of your personal jewellery sense, see and feel events and situations that are pertinent to your current situation or challenges. You would ask questions and I will tune in while holding the item and share with you my impressions.

Cost: $115

About Agnes

Agnes saw her first angel at the age of five. Later on, she began seeing visions of fairies, mermaids and elves from the elemental realm. Over the years, she went through her own spiritual and healing journey that deepened her connection with the divine.

Agnes has been giving spiritual guidance sessions for more than 30 years to national and international clients. She has offered healings and session in Metaphysical and Feng Shui stores and also over the radio. She was featured in an ongoing “Ask Angel Column” where she addressed people’s metaphysical questions.

Her artwork incorporates various artistic media to express her visions and realizations. She holds an AOCA degree from The Ontario College of Art and Design. Originally, she worked as a studio and personal assistant for internationally acclaimed Canadian writer and artist William Kurelek. She sells her art work internationally in many countries including Canada, the United States, Japan, and Europe.

Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Toronto and Hawaii. Various paintings have been rented through the Art Gallery of Ontario Artist’s Rental Gallery, Visual Arts Ontario. CBC, Global, YTV and Novena Productions.