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Tarot and Tea Class Description

This Tarot and Tea class is for beginners who have no experience and also for more seasoned readers who want to advance their skills. Cards and leaves are one way that we project our intuitive knowledge and insight onto a picture. I teach both traditional and non-traditional methods of card reading and I demonstrate using participant's questions and various decks. Students are welcome to use their tarot decks or mine. The in house decks include: the Fairy Deck, Voyager, Rider Waite and Angel decks. The class comes with a handout so people can remember what they've learned.

We will practice giving and receiving card and tea leaf readings from each other. Participants are asked to compile a number of questions to bring to class. Group readings can be even more fun and informative than single reader readings because we all share our insights! In this way the group learns through doing. Group reading can be more empowering than individual reader readings.

We explore the topic of how to choose the right deck. The cards that you purchase can be very individual and the right deck will promote clarity and facilitate the reading process. Having worked professionally with both traditional and non traditional methods, I teach the benefits of each perspective. Cards can sometimes be psychic tools. We discuss each of the psychic pathways: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairentience and claircognisance and how they can show up in a reading.

Knowing the kinds of questions to ask can expand your possibilities beyond ordinary prediction. We review various possible questions to ask to obtain clear answers. I also help students to craft the right questions for their queries. I teach the Celtic Cross, Three Card method, Pyramid and single card reading spreads. These basic spreads are often the most useful and efficient in answering our questions. We also explore Tarot dos and don'ts so that readers can learn how to do readings that uplifts their client and promote hope, insight and agency.

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