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Reiki, Dual Reiki and Distant Healing Sessions

Special: Buy three, 60 minute sessions and save $30. Currently regular, dual reiki and distant healing sessions are the same price! While a regular Reiki session features one practitioner, a dual session involves two so we can provide a much more powerful healing. It gives us the opportunity to accomplish twice as much in the hour! Here is the Intake Form for in person and distant healing to get started. Please print it, fill it out, sign it, scan it and email it to [email protected]

Distant Healing Sessions

Distant healing can be sent to anywhere in the world. Customize your Distant Healing session to combine it with counselling and guided meditations.

Special: Buy three 60 min sessions and save $30. Multiple healer sessions are now available for a limited time only at the same price!

Order up your perfect session from the Reiki Menu: 

Options include: counselling, guided meditations, aura clearing, hand Scan/assessment, crystal layout, Cord Cutting, The Reiki Haircut, Lords of Karma Method, Intergenerational Healing, Micro Crystals, Sound Healing, Past Life Regression and Meet your Inner Child. Click here for more information.


Reiki, Dual Reiki and Distant Healing Sessions

Special: Buy three, 60 minute sessions and save $30! 

30 min Distant Healing Sessions: $50 + hst 

60 minute Reiki, Dual Reiki Session or Distant Healing Sessions: $100 + hst 

90 minute Reiki or Dual Reiki Session: $150 + hst 

People are welcome to pay by Cash, cheque PayPal and e-transfer

Reiki Session Benefits 

The following are health benefits for in person sessions:

Deep Relaxation • Emotional Balancing • Physical Healing 

Pain Relief • Detoxification  Alignment • Increased Energy

Book your session today!

For more information or to book your session call Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed (Counselling) at (416) 531-8061 or (647) 669-0497 or email her at [email protected]  Please fill out the Reiki Form, scan it and resend it before coming so that your session can be planned in advance. 

Sixty Minute Reiki Session

$100 + hst

Ninety Minute Reiki Session

$150 + hst

Special: Three Reiki Sessions

$ 270 + hst

Reiki Sessions


"Things I noticed after our last session: More energy, lighter, open and cleansed. Much more calm and more patience with the people around me... Deeper sleeps."

- E. Chalmers (Toronto)