Reiki and Dual Reiki Sessions

Currently regular and dual reiki sessions are the same price! While a regular Reiki session features one practitioner, a dual session involves two so we can provide a much more powerful healing. It gives us the opportunity to accomplish twice as much in the hour.

The Benefits 

Deep Relaxation • Emotional Balancing • Physical Healing 

Pain Relief • Detoxification  Alignment • Increased Energy


Locations: Bathurst and Eglinton for women's sessions and  The Radiance Chinese Medicine and Wellness Centre, 1061 Eglinton Ave W. for men's sessions

60 minute Reiki or Dual Reiki Session: $75 + hst or $65 + hst for people with a low income. 

90 minute Reiki or Dual Reiki Session: $105 + hst or $95 + hst for low income. People are welcome to pay by Cash, cheque PayPal and e-transfer

Special: Buy three and save $30!

Book your session today!

For more information or to book your session call Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed (Counselling) at (416) 531-8061 or (647) 669-0497 or email her at [email protected]  Please fill out the Reiki Form, scan it and resend it before coming so that your session can be planned in advance. 

Sixty Minute Reiki Session

$75 + hst

Ninety Minute Reiki Session

$105 + hst

Special: Three Reiki Sessions

$195 + hst

Reiki Sessions


"Things I noticed after our last session: More energy, lighter, open and cleansed. Much more calm and more patience with the people around me... Deeper sleeps."

- E. Chalmers (Toronto)

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