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Reiki Two Certification Course Description

The Reiki 2 course adheres to traditional requirements. The following are additional techniques that are included with level 2: intuitive healing, working with trauma/abuse and past lives, manifesting, inner and skin scanning methods, cord cutting, toning and group energy games. While many of these methods are from various books, I developed some with colleagues or students.

Distant Healing Techniques

After discussing the theory of distant healing, the group practices sending healing and scanning with each other. We also learn and practice sending remote healing to an individual, couple or family. The class explores how to use visualization, photographs, newspapers/magazines, x-rays and art with distant healing. We discuss the application of surrogates e.g. a teddy bear or your knee and how to use active methods like house cleaning to send healing. We also talk about how to successfully approach distant healing as business. The course covers how reiki can be used to send healing to future, previous abuse and past lives. Students also learn how to send healing to upcoming appointments, confrontations or operations.

Psychic Healing: The course also covers the five psychic pathways: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognisance, clairsentience and dreams. We discuss which ones are more reliable means of obtaining accurate intuition and how to use them with a healing session.

Hand Scan, Skin Scan, and Inner ScanHand scanning involves feeling for areas that are out of balance emotionally or physically by sensing energy with the palms. In my Reiki one course, people learn how to perform a hand scan but we review it in level two. Students learn how to do an inner scan and skin scan to assess the client’s energy field and determine where to work to balance it.

Skin scanning and inner scanning are methods that can be used to provide an ongoing assessment throughout the session to guide the healer's practice. Skin scanning is a method I developed to determine areas in need of balancing by paying attention to skin temperatures. The inner scan is an empathic technique for the healer to connect with the emotions and sensations that belong to the client.

Cord CuttingI developed Cord Cutting with a friend to help people to overcome negative attachments from previous relationships. This could be a romantic relationship that ended but is difficult to overcome, a previous sexual assault/or childhood sexual abuse experience or parent issues, for example.

Toning With Sound and ColourI teach a method of combining the use of basic vocal notes and colour visualization to balance the chakras.

The Symbols: There are 3 symbols traditionally explored at the Reiki level: the Cho Ku Rei, Say Hay Ki and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. The symbols are used in multiple ways including room clearing, in a session, for self treatment, distant healing, to balance emotional and psychological problems and to heal unwanted habits. The class learns how to draw each symbol and we discuss their application.

Manifesting: Students learn how to use Reiki to attract love and prosperity into their lives. We also practice creating a manifesting circle using the ‘Pink Bubble’ method.

Group Energy Games: We discuss how energy moves in the third dimension by creating an energy ball, reiki train and healing circle. The healing circle includes group practice with aura clearing, hand scan assessment and crystal wand techniques.

Meditations: The Reiki 2 guided meditations include: a Meta Meditation (for world healing), Meeting Your Reiki Guide, and the group’s choice of two other meditations from a list of other inspiring options.

Attunement: Each student also receives the Reiki 2 attunement.

Scheduling: If the dates that are posted don’t work for you, please let me know.

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