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Combine both the Reiki and/or counselling and guided meditation to order up your ideal session!

Choose any of the options below. 

1 hr hour reiki/dual reiki session: 75 + hst and 65 + hst for people with a low income.  

 1.5 hour Reiki Session: 95 + hst. 

Re-attunement: $35 + hst, or $30 + hst for low income.  

Re-attunement and 1 hour Reiki session - $105 + hst or $95 for low income

Aura Clearing

A method for detoxifying and protecting the aura. It clears diseased energy, emotions and toxins from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Micro Crystal Method

The use of crystals in the energy field to assess and heal diseased and emotional imbalances in the brain eg a limb, eye, tumour or chakra etc.

Toning/Sound Healing

The practitioner sign the notes of the scale to balance and clear the chakras.

Lords of Karma Method (Diane Stein)

Approaching the Council to request a revision in the personal blue print. Advisable for repetitive trauma/abuse and physical illness.

Cord Cutting

A technique for cutting negative karmic cords from toxic relationships including: controlling family, heart breaking romantic connections and assault/abuse.

The Reiki Haircut

A micro method for assessing and balancing the brain. Useful for emotional/mental health and developmental issues etc. 


People who have previously taken the level 1, 2 or master's course can be re-attuned. Both a traditional and non-traditional attunement is given.   

Hand Scan

A method for assessing imbalances in the energy field or aura.


A technique that facilitates exploration of emotional and physical areas eg a tumour to find meaning and reduce the problem.

Crystal Layouts

Crystals are placed on the body and under the massage table to assist with improvement of emotional/physical issues.


Sage is used to clear the aura.

Inner Child

The practitioner helps the client to connect with and make peace with their inner child.

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