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The Reiki One Certification Course Description

Reiki one is a complete healing foundation course. It includes a 60 page booklet on pdf that I've written and compiled from 30 books and also a Reiki one certificate. All of my courses are beautifully presented in colour in a warm, welcoming and space.


During the in person classes, each student will be given the opportunity to receive allot of healing. They will complete one, 1 hour session in class and they will also be given the option to receive one. We will practice group healing sessions and chair sessions and people take turns receiving.

I aim to help people with stress and emotional or physical problems to heal as much as possible during the course. I've designed level one as a toolbox of reiki techniques and resources that people can use on their own after completing it.

Trading Sessions and Reiki Shares

After learning how to give a reiki sessions, students can also trade reiki sessions with other people so that they can receive as much free healing as they require. Another way that students find healing is by coming to Reiki Shares, where people gather to practice and receive group sessions.

Self Healing

Reiki has a system of hand positions for healing others and it also has a self healing system. Stress management, emotional and physical healing are the benefits of both. I teach people how to do self healing in traditional and non-traditional ways so that it can be really fun and creative!


Scanning is an assessment and a means of determining energetic imbalances, which contribute to emotional and physical problems. I teach hand scanning with level one. It involves learning to using your hands to distinguish various sensations from the chakras and aura or energy field.

Guided Meditations

The course includes four guided meditations for relaxation, insight and healing. I wrote the Self Healing Meditation to guide our practice. The Focusing and Body Scan Meditation teaches people how to get in touch with their feelings and alleviate them with Reiki. It is also a useful tool for building intuitive awareness. The Tree Meditation facilitates grounding and it connects people to the earth and the cosmos. Meeting You Inner Guide introduces people to their spirit guide or angel. It is designed to help people to gain insights about their lives and how to improve their health. Each student will receive a copy of the meditations so they can record them for home use as well.