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Reiki Master Certification Course Description

The reiki master course includes all that is required to become an instructor and to learn the remainder of the material at the masters level. Some students take the reiki master course to complete all levels of training and others take it in order to teach reiki. I have designed it to be affordable and to instil confidence and competence in students. It is in depth and includes allot of practice time. Some students may choose to take the placement option to increase their confidence in private practice.  All of my courses follow a fun and balanced learning format of theory, demonstration, guided meditation, practice and discussion. 

Reviewing previous levels: Students will review levels 1 and 2 to make sure they know the material  so that if they plan to teach they will be well prepared. We will discuss how to give a session, self healing, chair sessions, reiki symbols and distant healing. 

Reiki Master Symbols: The RM also covers the Reiki Master Symbols Dai ko Mio and Raku. 

Reiki Train: We will also learn and practice methods that they may use to teach others. One example is Reiki Train for groups. We will review the theory of Reiki train and also practice it in class.  

Cord Cutting: Cord cutting is a methods that I  developed Cord Cutting with a friend to help people to overcome negative attachments from previous relationships. This could be a romantic relationship that ended, but is difficult to overcome. It is also useful to helps trauma survivors heal from sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse. Cord cutting can also be used to disconnect from challenging relationships with family or supervisors.

Healing with Sound and Colour: I also teach how to do healing with colour and sound and this often open the door for more learning as especially students with a singing or musical background find it really inspiring.  I have developed a method that 

Working with Guides, Angels and Spiritual Masters: I teach for working closely with

guides, angels and spiritual masters.  As with the other methods, we look at the theory, practice it in class and discuss it.

Passing Attunements: Students will learn how to confidently pass traditional and non traditional attunements. We will be learning and practicing two different kinds in class the traditional attunement and Diane's Stein's non traditional attunement. Students delight in giving and receiving attunements from myself and other students. 

Business and Marketing: There is also a detailed section on Business and marketing for Reiki courses and sessions.New teachers and practitioners will benefit from knowing about how to market their offerings.  

Leading Guided Meditations: Leading guided meditations and combining them with reiki

Planning curricula, structuring classes, creating certificates and teaching tools: We discuss how to create create certificates. 

Healing Circle with hand scanning, aura clearing and crystals

Guided Meditation: 4 meditations will be chosen by the group from an inspiring assortment of options including: Verbal Attunement, Meeting Your Soul Family, Mother Earth on Love, Arc Angel Michael Soul Clearing and more.

Attunement: Each students will receive a Reiki Master attunement