Guided Meditation Events

Join us for a fun weekly meditation as we build meaningful connections and friendships! 

Our space has a beautiful aerial view of the city with padded chairs, a sofa, mats and pillows. Participants will arrive, settle in and enjoy light refreshments. Each event requires a minimum of 3 people reserved by deposit to run and fills at 8. 

Locations: Women's events are set up at our Eglinton West location and coed events are booked throughout the city. 

Dates: For all posted dates, please visit or email us with your suggestions and preferences.

Meet the Archangels‚Äč

Experience two special days or evenings!

Includes a presentation followed by a range of angelic meditations for intuition, healing and clearing with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Meet the Goddesses

Join us over two weeks as we build meaningful connections and friendships! 

Each meetup will feature a short presentation followed by a meditation designed to connect us with a different goddess: Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and Lakshmi.

Deep Relaxation Series

Experience two special days/evenings with range of meditations for peace, balance and rejuvenation: Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Guided Imagery, the Body Scan and more!

Meditations for DNA Activation

Join us for one day/evening as we experience two meditations from Magenta Pixie designed to activate your DNA:

The Key to the Language of Light Meditation

and Beyond the mirror (The Silver Ray)

"A guided hypno-meditation to take you into a deeper level of hyperspace awareness, so you may receive the Key to the Language of Light. The merge and connection between the physical body and the Light Body is triggered and DNA activation takes place as you connect with the fractal nature and sacred geometry of the Universe and higher dimensions."

- Magenta Pixie

In this video, MP explains DNA activation:

Meet the Archangels 

$30 + HST

Meet the Goddesses

$30 + HST

Deep Relaxation Series

$30 + HST

DNA Activation

$15 + HST

Guided Meditation Events

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