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Experience a personal guided meditation for healing and personal growth. Choose from a wide variety of options. Meet your guide or angel, connect wth your inner child or learn relaxation methods for a more inner peace. Sessions are available for individuals and groups. They can be combined with Reiki, Dual Reiki, Distant Healing and Counselling. 

Sessions are available in person, by phone and online via Zoom/Skype. To book your session email Stephanie Norwich at [email protected]

Guided Meditation Menu

Reiki Self Healing

Learn how to do Reiki Self Healing and/or experience the meditation.

Meet Your Guide/Angel

Includes a guided meditation to connect with your guide/angel. 

Past Life Regression

Experience a past life regression or future life progression.

Archangels: Michael/Raphael & Uriel

Experience a guided meditation to connect with any of the for Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle or Uriel.

Manifesting Session

Includes how to manifest and two guided meditations for manifesting love and prosperity.

Stress Mangement

Learn and experience various guided meditations for breathing, body scan and progressive muscle relaxation.

Meeting Your Inner child

A guided meditation to meet and connect with your inner child.

Meeting Your Soul family

Includes a guided meditation to meet your soul family.

Book Your Session Today!

To book your session by email at: [email protected]

Sixty Minute Guided Meditation Session

$100 + HST

Special: 3 Guided Meditation Sessions

$270 + HST

Guided Meditation Sessions