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Unlock Your Empowerment! 

With Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed. (Counselling)

If you’re like me, you care, sometimes too much, about the state of the world. You’re moved deeply by injustice as it effects people, animals and the environment. It makes you sad and even angry sometimes. You want to make changes in the world and you know that you have a significant contribution to make.

You have the skills and abilities, but you feel stuck! Something is slowing you down. Perhaps you have some old unhealed issues, a heavy heart and anxiety from undigested trauma and abuse. Maybe you need to find a partner, meaningful work, or supportive friends.

Let’s make a road map! People need support to accomplish their goals. Our sessions will remove obstacles to your success. As a counsellor, I design each session for you as an individual because each person is different. I use various therapies to remove roadblocks to heal the past and help you to get where you want to go. My counselling sessions are client centred, eclectic and designed to accommodate the needs of each person. I use various methods including: Cognitive Behavioural, Feminist, Relational, Narrative and Solution Focused Therapy. You can choose how we work together.

I provide practical assistance with finding a soulmate, meaningful employment and supportive friends. We can work together on decision making and increasing your self-esteem. I can also teach you how to apply the law of attraction, self-healing and intuitive development and I have relaxation training and emotional balancing methods. I also have guided meditations for connecting with your spirit guide and a past life regression, for example.

Consultations are complimentary so feel free to call me at 647.669.0497 (cell/text) or 416.531.8061 to discuss it. You can also attend my Free Intro to Counselling Class Online or my Free Intro to Reiki Class online to find out more.  New clients are asked to email me at [email protected] and I will send you my yearly Counselling, Manifesting and Guided Meditation Intake Form to get started so I can book your appointment. 

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Special: Purchase 3 sessions at the regular price and save $30! Sessions are available by phone, Skype or Zoom. 

Price: Sessions are $100/hr + hst. 

For more info: Call Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed (Counselling) at (416) 531-8061 or (647) 669-0497 or email [email protected]

One Sixty Minute Counselling Session

$100 + hst

Package of 3 Counselling Sessions

$270 + hst

Counselling Sessions